SeaLife Sea Dragon Mini 900S Power Kit Dive Light

SeaLife Sea Dragon Mini 900S Power Kit Dive Light

PV32T now with fully black head

Scubalamp F22 Compact Focus Light - 2,000 lumens

AOI UCS-Q1RC Ultra Compact Strobe Q1 with Olympus RC Mode

The AOI UCS-Q1RC Ultra Compact Strobe Q1 strobe is now equipped with TTL for Olympus / OM System RC camera strobe control. It has a colour temperature of 5600K, an output of 700 Lumens LED output and a depth rating of 60m / 200ft.
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AOI UCS-Q1 Ultra Compact Strobe Q1 with Olympus RC Mode

Important Note: This Strobe requires 2x 18650 Batteries and a Battery Charger to function. Batteries are not included and must be purchased separately.

Product Details

The AOI UCS-Q1RC strobe has a Guide Number of 22 and a beam angle of 85° (with supplied diffuser) and a colour temperature of 5,600K (5,000K with diffuser).

The AOI UCS-Q1RC also has 2 LEDs built into the strobe head that provide a 700-lumen modelling light.

This latest model of the AOI Q1 strobe is now equipped with TTL for Olympus / OM System RC camera strobe control.

Olympus / OM System cameras are equipped with Olympus RC Flash mode and the AOI UCS-Q1RC strobe is compatible with this RC Flash mode.

For example, the Olympus Tough TG-6 and OM System TG-7 are equipped with the RC Flash mode, simply set the camera to RC Flash Mode and the AOI UCS-Q1RC strobe to RC Flash mode and the camera will automatically choose aperture, shutter speed, and control the power output of the external strobe. In the RC mode communications between the camera and the AOI UCS-Q1RC strobe will determine the optimal strobe power and camera settings to achieve perfectly exposed images. No more guesswork, no more missed opportunities.

In addition, the AOI UCS-Q1RC can also be used in “manual” or M mode. Users can set the power adjustments through a knob on the rear control panel, choosing this mode will cater to photographers who have more exacting lighting requirements. The AOI UCS-Q1RC strobe also has an impressive recycle time of 0.85 seconds even when set to full power, making sure opportunities are not missed.

The battery compartment is secured with a screw-on cap that is sealed with two O-rings to prevent accidental flooding. Should the battery compartment flood, it does not affect the electronic compartment as the two are kept separate. The strobe is powered by two 18650 lithium batteries (not included), which offer up to 1500 flashes on a single charge and provides consistent power delivery, even at low power levels. The strobe is equipped with stand-by (after 15 minutes) and auto power-off (after 2 hours) features to conserve power and increase the lifespan of the strobe.

AOI UCS-Q1, which won the German Red Dot design award, has been upgraded to the AOI UCS-Q1-RC, which now supports RC-TTL wireless flash technology. It can measure light and automatically calculate the output flash brightness for close-up and wide-angle photos with just one click, without any further underwater adjustments.

  • True GN-22 flash index.
  • Fash recycle time of 0.85 of a second at Full Power.
  • Olympus RC Mode for perfectly exposed Images.
  • i-Macro Mode unique strobe settings for Macro Images.
  • Supports a high-speed shutter flash, helping you capture fast-moving creatures underwater.
  • Wireless connection of flash underwater for shooting various special effects.



DESCRIPTION Underwater Ultra Compact Strobe
MAIN BODY MATERIAL Polycarbonate + Glass Fibre
STROBE Guide Number G.N.= 22
Colour Temperature 5,600K (5,000K with Diffusor)
Beam Angles With Diffusor Horizontal- 85°, Vertical- 85°
Flash Recharge Time 0.85 Second (Full Power)
Number of Flashes 1,500 times (Using Flash Only, Full Power and with 3,100mAh Li-Ion Batteries)
Flash Sync. By Fibre Optical Cable (Multi-cores Fibre Optical Cable is Recommended)
Pre-flashes Sync. Auto Learning
Flash Modes RC Mode OMDS / RC FLASH (Group A, Channel 1)
i-Macro Mode TTL AUTO, MANUAL, Snooting (Group A, Channel 1)
Manual Mode 6 Steps Setting: 1/64, 1/24, 1/8, 1/4, 1/2 & 1/1
Modelling Flash 2 Seconds Flashing Duration / Press
Flash Test Button Yes
LED LIGHTS Maximum Output 700 Lumens
Power Control 25%, 50%, 100% and OFF
Colour Temp. 5600K
Beam Angles 45°
Burn Time 130 Minutes (Using LED Only, Full Power and with 3,100mAh Li-Ion Batteries.)
BATTERY REQUIREMENTS 18650 Li-Ion Rechargeable Battery x2pcs (Battery is not included with the product)
Output Current Minimum 5A
Battery Length Minimum 68.5mm
STROBE MOUNTING 1″ Ball Mount Only (Non-replaceable)
DIMENSIONS 125mm (L) x 77mm (W) x 131mm (H)
WEIGHT On Land Approx. 550g (Batteries included)
Underwater Approx. 90g (Batteries included)
STANDARD ACCESSORIES Strobe Diffusor for Q1 Series SD-01
Control Knob Extension for Q1 Series CKE-01
Spare O-ring set for Q1 Series SOR-01
O-ring Remover ORR-01
Silicone Grease (5g) SIGR-5
Battery Storage Case BSC-18650-2 (Rechargeable Batteries are not included)