Sublue Seabow - Underwater Scooter - V1 BARGAIN - RUN-OUT SALE

Sublue Seabow - Underwater Scooter - V1 BARGAIN - RUN-OUT SALE

Deep Black

AxisGO iPhone 11 Pro Max Water Housing

AxisGO iPhone 11 Pro Water Housing

AxisGO by Aquatech for your iPhone11 Pro is the ultimate Smartphone Imaging System. AxisGO allows image capture with the phone’s native camera app, plus access to all your favourite applications.
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AxisGO 11 Pro Water Housing 

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  • Ocean Blue #19097
  • Deep Black #19096

The AxisGO 11 Pro Water Housing is an easy to use water housing for your iPhone. Capture beautiful images and stunning video with your phone down to depths of 10m/33ft. With full touchscreen access, you can use all your favourite photo apps, then share your images instantly with your friends and family.

Designed specifically for the iPhone 11 Pro, this all-new AxisGO design focuses on maximising the functionality of the iPhone 11 Pro and it’s 3 lenses while making photographing in the water simple.

Whether you’re taking photos of the kids in the backyard pool, or swimming out in the biggest surf you can find, the AxisGO protects your iPhone and lets you focus on getting the perfect shot. The Ax- isGO 11 Pro Water Housing is rated to depths of 10m/33ft and is built by AquaTech who are a leader in professional Water Housings, so you can trust that your phone is safe when using the AxisGO.

Using the AxisGO is as simple as opening the locking safety latch, inserting your phone into the housing and then squeezing the latch closed. With a click from the safety locking hand grip, you’re set to go in the water! Aside from the touchscreen access, there is access to the 2 volume buttons and the sleep button for even further control.

The AxisGO 11 Pro Water Housing is compatible with the below iPhone models:

  • iPhone 11 Pro
  • iPhone X
  • iPhone Xs


  • Colour - #19097 - Ocean Blue or #19096 - Deep Black
  • Construction - Polyurethane, polycarbonate, stainless steel, aluminium, glass.
  • Controls – Touchscreen, Volume Up, Volume Down, Sleep.
  • Dimensions - 195mm(7.67”) Wide x 120mm(4.72”) High x 45mm(1.77”) Front to Back
  • Weight - 0.6Kg Housing Only
  • Depth Rating - 33 ft / 10 meters

In The Box

  • AxisGO 11 Pro Water Housing
  • Wrist Lanyard
  • Quick Setup Guide
  • O-Ring Removal Tool
  • Silicone Grease