Richest Reefs - Indonesia

Richest Reefs - Indonesia

Beneath North SulaweSea

A new coffee table book by Michale Aw - This book encapsulates the splendour and richness of Nature
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By Michael Aw with Stuart Ireland and Eric Bettens

This book encapsulates the splendour and richness of Nature’s richest realm - North Sulawesi. The region is the most diverse marine ecological empire of our ocean planet. Though the imagery is not shot over the course of a 24 hours period, they are however captured at the time of the day indicated. The pictorial documentary reveals the behavior and nuances of life in a day.

‘Beneath North SulaweSea’. The moving pictures DVD edition is compose of 698 still images and video scenes artistically woven into a special presentation with original music score specially written by award winning music of the sea composer Eric Bettens.

‘Beneath North SulaweSea’ is the long overdue update to “Beneath Bunaken (1993)”, the award winning almanac that was selected as the Presidential Gift for the Asia Pacific Economic Co-operation conference in 1994. Its true intend, ‘Beneath North SulaweSea’ is evolve as an accolade for the luxuriant marine biodiversity of North Sulawesi found no where else in the world.

Michael AW, author of ‘Beneath Bunaken’, ‘Richest Reefs’, ‘Dreams from a Rainbow Sea’ and cinematographer Stuart Ireland and composer Eric Bettens come together for this production – a DVD and a high quality pictorial almanac that encapsulates the richness and beauty of what lies beneath North Sulawesi into one exquisite volume; it is designed to raise the standard for all books of the sea, a hallmark for underwater imageries production. Part of the proceeds from this production contributes to OceanNEnvironment’s SOS funds to support research and preservation projects in the Indo-Pacific. Covering the expanse of the North Sulawesi peninsula, the imagery from this production is shot entirely from Bunaken Marine Park, Banka, Sangie, Ruang, Siau and the Lembeh Strait.

High quality hardcover - 268mm x 250mm – 138 pages with DVD encased