Sublue Seabow - Underwater Scooter - V1 BARGAIN - RUN-OUT SALE

Sublue Seabow - Underwater Scooter - V1 BARGAIN - RUN-OUT SALE

QYSEA Fifish - HDMI Box V1

QYSEA Fifish - HDMI Box V1

QYSEA Fifish V6 - Underwater Drone Kit with VR Head Tracking

Most popular underwater drone - QYSEA Fifish V6 Professional Underwater Drone Kit (100m tether) with VR Head Tracking, amazing movement ability thanks to 6 thrusters. What an ROV!
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FIFISH - V6 Underwater Drone with VR Head Tracking


Fifish V6 integrates VR smart technology that fully immerses the user into the underwater world with the head tracking feature, put yourself into the drone's first-person-view and control where you want to go simply by turning your head.

One of the most important features of the QYSEA Fifish V6 Professional Underwater Drone Kit (100m) with VR Head Tracking, is its movement ability. QYSEA Fifish V6 gives you a complete 6 levels of freedom. It can move laterally, forward, backward, up, down, as well as roll, pan, and tilt, thanks to the 6 thrusters that the V6 has.

Another outstanding feature of the Fifish V6 is the posture lock. Posture lock means that you can lock the posture of the V6 within a precision of 1 degree and 5 centimetres of depth accuracy. You can lock it, and while keeping that posture, you can move the V6 freely to any direction.

The Fifish V6 has an outstanding underwater image, using an underwater image algorithm and colour rendition, along with their 1/2.3” sensor it will provide you with a great underwater image.

The Fifish V6 has, in addition, an interactive video sharing for social media platforms, including live streaming. And in case you send out the Fifish V6 to darker places, the V6 has 2 strong led lights to light up the scene for you. Each led light is 2000 lumens, giving you a strong 4000 lumens all together.


  • 6 Degrees of Freedom
  • Head Tracking using VR
  • 4K UHD in 30 fps
  • 4 Hours Diving Time
  • 8x Slow Motion
  • H.265 for Sharp Details
  • Posture Lock™
  • 100m Depth Rating
  • 166° Ultra Wide Angle
  • 4000 Lumen LED
  • Image Stabilization
  • RAW in DNG Format 
  • Ability to rotate 360° degrees

In The Box

  • 1x QYSEA Fifish V6 Professional Underwater Drone
  • 1x Underwater Drone Charger
  • 1x Remote Controller
  • 1x Remote Control Charger
  • 1x 100m Kevlar Tether
  • 1x VR Head Tracking 

Key Features


  • Sensor - 1/2.3” SONY CMOS
  • 166° Field of View
  • White Balance - 2500K ~ 8000K
  • Video Resolution - 4K UHD: 25/30 fps


  • Thrusters 6 (4Vector + 2Horizontal)
  • Maneuverability 6 DOF (Degree of Freedom) - Moving: left & right, up & down, forward & backward, Rotation: 360° pitch, 360° roll, 360° yaw
  • Posture Lock - Able to lock the ± 0.1° pitch angle or ± 0.1° roll angle and moving in any direction (
  • Speed - Maximum 3 knots (1.5 m/s) in still water
  • Depth Rating 100 M

Remote Controller

  • Wireless - Wi-Fi supported
  • Battery Life - Up to 4 hours
  • Copy - Micro SD card Slot


  • Brightness - 4000 lumen
  • CCT - 5500 K
  • Correlated Color Temperature
  • Beam Angle - 120°
  • Dimming - 3


  • Dimension 383mmx331mmx143mm
  • Weight 4.2kg
  • Depth Rating 100m
  • Tether 100m(standard), customized accepted
  • Temp. Range -10~60℃
  • Battery Life Up to 4H, quick charge 1H (Panasonic 18650 Lithium Battery)
  • View 360° pan & 360°tilt, VR display & control


  • Speed 3 knots (1.5m/s)
  • Thrusters 6
  • Moving Directions 6 DOF: lateral, up & down, forward & backward, roll, pan, and tilt
  • Accuracy 0.1°C Resolution, 1° Stability, 5cm Suspension
  • 9 Axis Sensor Accelerator, Compass, Gyroscope

Camera & LED

  • Video Resolution 4K UHD: 3840 X 2160 25/30p
  • FHD: 1920 X 1080 25/30/50/60/100/120p
  • HD:1280 X 720 25/30/50/60/100/120/200/240p
  • Image Resolution 12 Megapixels: DNG(RAW)
  • LIVE-Streaming 480P / 720P
  • Lens FOV 166°, Fixed Focus,
  • Image Sensor 1/2.3’ SONY CMOS
  • Video Format MP4 (H.264 / H.265)
  • ISO Range 100-6400 (auto / manual)
  • LED 4000 lumens, CCT:5500K
  • Storage Dual storage (Internal memory and smart devices)
  • 32GB standard (Optional up to 256GB)


  • Display Android, iOS smart devices
  • System
  • App FIFISH APP (Android, IOS)
  • Battery Life Up to 4h (Panasonic 18650 Lithium Battery)
Please see more helpful videos on the QYSEA FIFISH V6 DRONE HERE

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