Waterproof Camera Case

Waterproof Camera Case

Ikelite Underwater Housings

We deal with the whole range of Ikelite Underwater Housings, whether you are looking for a housing for your point-and-shoot or Canon, Nikon, Olympus, Sony or Fuji digital SLR camera.
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We have over 20 years of experience dealing with Ikelite products and offer advice and of course the best prices.

Ikelite SLR housings have evolved into classics providing dependable performance for over 35 years. The thick wall dSLR housing provides professional performance equal to any rival product.

An assortment of interchangeable lens ports offers exceptional optical quality and allows use of most macro, wide angle, and zoom lenses.

Instead of offering it as an expensive option, Ikelite proudly builds TTL electronics into every digital SLR housing. Perfect exposure is guaranteed when you add any current Ikelite DS Substrobe.

On the compact camera front, The Ikelite ULTRAcompact digital housings deliver the ultimate in performance and durability.

Please select your housing on the Ikelite website and then contact us with your questions or for a competitive quote.

Please use the contact form or just call to enquire about availability and price of the current Ikelite housing for your camera - or ask us for a package price. Expect best prices and turnaround times of about one week.