Indo-Pacific Sea Fishes - Northern Australia - Great Barrier Reef

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Indo-Pacific Sea Fishes - Northern Australia - Great Barrier ReefIndo-Pacific Sea Fishes - Northern Australia - Great Barrier Reef
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Detailed Description:

By Neville Coleman

A new look, simple to use innovative identification system. Family diagrams and key reference features integrated throughout the book.

  • Display pointers highlight easily recognisable features of each species.
  • Comprehensive range of commercial and recreational species.
  • IProfessional presentation; taxonomic references throughout.
  • Australia and Indo-Pacific geographic distributions.
  • Common and scientific names.
  • Natural history information displays, habitats, ecological partitioning, diurnal/nocturnal, edibility, venomous/poisonous/dangerous, depth, male/female/juvenile.
  • Designed especially for textbook fish identification higher education courses.
  • The most comprehensive photographic field guide of its kind for Northern Australia and the Great Barrier Reef.
  • Over 1,400 pictures.
  • 10.700 illustrations.
  • Featuring over 105 fish family identi-kit body shape profiles.
  • Major habitats - Natural histories - Zoogeography.
  • Family names (pronunciations), Scientific names, Common names, authors, dates & sizes.
  • Dangerous fish - Venomous fish - Edible fish - Poisonous fish - Aquarium fish - Male/female juvenile examples.
  • Format follows traditional scientific classification and tertiary teaching systems.

Soft cover: size - 240mm x 170mm. ISBN: 0-947325-28-X. Published by Neville Coleman's Underwater Geographic Pty Ltd.