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Inon UCL-67 M67 Underwater Close-up Macro Lens +15

Mega Float Arm S

Inon UWL-95 C24 M67 Type 2 Underwater Wide Angle Lens

Inon UCL-165 M67 Underwater Close-up Macro Lens +6

INON UCL-165 M67 Close-up Lens +6 - Dual use underwater / land and usable with all zoom range.
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Inon UCL-165 M67 Underwater Close-up Macro Lens +6

The UCL-165M67 is high magnification close-up lens providing 165mm focal length (+6 diopter) where 165mm shooting distance from lens surface when camera’s focus position is set to infinity. Using minimum focusing distance will shorten minimum focus distance allowing you to get closer to a subject enabling high magnification close-up photography.

Dual use underwater / land and usable with all zoom range. Even at same shooting distance, it is easy to capture a subject at desired size by adjusting zoom setting.

The lens construction is 2 elements in 2 groups with high quality optical glass with inner coating to suppress optical aberrations more effectively and bring out optimal performance of combined master lens comparing to a lens using just one double-convex element.

The lens body has screw mount on its front end to stack other UCL-165M67 for even higher magnification macro imaging. Off course the UCL-330 can be stacked as well. The threaded part has a slit to drain water from gap between two lenses to easily separate combined lens underwater.

Highly versatile screw type "M67 Mount" compatible.

The UCL-165M67 is directly screwed on a housing which has M67 lens ring. For a housing which does not have M67 lens ring, the UCL-165M67 is attached via dedicated "M67 Mount Base" or "M67 Lens Adapter Base". For "28LD Mount Base compatible housing, the UCL-165M67 is attached on "28LD Mount Base" via "M67-LD Mount Converter for UCL-330/165M67".

(*1) Optional "M67-LD Mount Converter for UCL-330/165M67" is necessary.