eneloop rechargeable batteries


The Sustainable High Performance Rechargeable Battery

eneloop (Energy Looped) is the sustainable alternative to conventional batteries.

eneloop rechargeable batteries are ready-to-use, pre-charged in the factory utilising solar power. Not only are they kind to the environment by reducing landfill*1 waste from single-use batteries, because they’re reusable they’re kind to your purse or wallet too.

eneloop rechargeable batteries come in AA and AAA size, and are able to be recharged 100’s of times each. With two variations available, the standard eneloop Ni-MH rechargeable battery (AA - up to 2000mAh) is perfect for everyday use, and the eneloop Pro (AA - up to 2550mAh) is the best option for high-drain devices.

With an amazing shelf-life, eneloop batteries are able to retain up to approx. 70% charge*2 after 10 years of storage.

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