Nocturnal Lights

Nocturnal Lights

Our objective: To save lives.

Our vision for the LifeLine Project: Putting marine electronic rescue and communication devices into the hands of as many people on the water as possible.

Pushing the red button. We believe that calling for help at sea should be a lot simpler than using a satellite based system that involves uplinks and downlinks, shore operations offices, marine rescue coordination centres, and full emergency responses. We think it should be as simple as calling boats around you for help whether it's a cool, calm radio call or sending a digital DSC distress message with your GPS position to boats near and far. With devices that are depth rated and tough enough to drive over with a truck.

Our commitment and dedication is to constantly innovate and improve cutting edge technology wrapped in clever mechanicals specifically designed for the harsh marine environment. We are about developing new product categories with solutions that have never before been brought to market. is the Nautilus Lifeline distributor for Australia

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