GoPro Adapter - Aluminium

GoPro Adapter - Aluminium

Nitescuba Float Block FAXS/FAXM

Nitescuba Float Block FAXS/FAXM

Nitescuba Tripod Bracket for Underwater Camera Housings

Universal high quality Underwater Tripod for underwater camera housings of ANY size.
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Tripod Bracket for Underwater Camera Housings

Tis high quality Tripod Bracket helps your housing to stand stable underwater. The Tripod also helps you to more easily manage your port assembly and disassembly.

The pod is very flexible and will fit most housings. There are two sliders for the 1/4"-20 screws, making it easy to adjust the housing onto the plate.

You can use the kit without extra arms, but the beauty is, that you can add any 1" armball based aluminium arms as legs - and increase the height and stability.

The Tripod bracket is made of aluminum with hard anodizing using CNC metal processing.

The price includes the tripod and 2 hosuing mounting screws.

Will work for most housings.