Inon S-220 Underwater Strobe

Inon S-220 Underwater Strobe

XTAR SD1 Mini Diving Beacon Light – 4 Colours in 1

XTAR SD1 Mini Diving Beacon Light – 4 Colours in 1

Seavu Explorer - Full kit

Live underwater vision. Unlike other cameras, Seavu offers a live connection to your action camera, which makes it much easier to stream video footage and explore underwater in real time.
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Seavu Explorer - Full kit


Looking for the full package? If you’re an avid fishing enthusiast, want live underwater footage, or simply want to explore the underwater world in a variety of scenarios, this is the kit for you.

Experience a vibrant underwater world with the Seavu Full Kit, our complete kit for underwater livestreaming. Capture amazing live underwater footage with your action camera in just about any underwater application you can think of. Whether you’re livestreaming your amazing catch from the side of your boat, capturing marine life on the seafloor, or wanting to get that action shot of a game fish chasing a lure, this kit has it all. Simply enclose your camera safely in our durable Explorer case, connect to our 27-metre Cable Reel, select an accessory, and livestream incredible underwater footage to your mobile phone.

Our Full Kit includes a Pole Mount, allowing you to livestream footage with an extension pole. Scope the underwater area for risks, assess your boat underwater or snap your amazing catch from the side of your boat. The position of the pole mount can be easily adjusted to capture different angles and is compatible with most standard-size painter poles (painter pole not included) with a 3/4″ 5 thread fitting.

Encounter a variety of marine life on the seafloor with our heavy-duty Seafloor Stand. The custom-made Seafloor Stand is made of high-quality marine-grade materials and is weighted to hold on the seafloor, even in strong currents.

The Seafloor Stand features an eye ring to hang a small burley pot on (burley pot not included), to attract a flurry of marine life and capture amazing footage. It also features a fin which can be used to point the Explorer and camera in any direction based on the movements of the current and a fully adjustable mount to set the Explorer to the desired direction and angle. The Seafloor Stand legs are adjustable and fold away neatly, making the stand easy to carry.

Our Full Kit also includes Drift and Troll Fins for livestreaming underwater footage in various swim applications. Capture amazing underwater footage with your action camera when drifting, trolling or when you need a drop camera to inspect the surrounding underwater habitat to find the perfect spot to anchor and fish.

When teamed up with our tow rope, our trolling fin is skillfully engineered to sustain a steady trolling depth of 1-2m below the surface, even at speeds of up to 10 knots.

The Explorer features a release clip system which enables you to attach your line with a lure or bait rig to view and capture strike action in real time.

The applications are endless. Don’t just set your camera to record and hope for the best. Capture live footage under the water in real time with our Full Kit.

The Full Kit is suitable for fishing enthusiasts, film crews, or anyone who simply wants endless options when livestreaming underwater footage.

Unlike other cameras, Seavu offers a live connection to your action camera, which makes it much easier to stream video footage and explore underwater in real time.

In The Box

  • Seavu Explorer
    Underwater live stream camera housing with receiver dock.
  • Explorer Weight
    Explorer clip-on weight (800g)
  • Drift Fin
    Drifting fin attachment
  • Troll Fin
    Trolling fin attachment
  • Release Clips
    Fishing line release clips (small and large)
  • Pole Mount
    Mount to attach Explorer onto a pole. Compatible to any pole with a 3/4" 5 thread fitting
  • Reel & Cable
    Seavu 27m live stream reel with built-in transmitter
  • Phone Mount
    Phone mount for cable reel or pole
  • Seafloor Stand
    Heavy duty adjustable seafloor stand with Explorer mount
  • Cable Fastener
    Cable fastener with bungee loop
  • Tow Rope
    25m tow rope for trolling
  • Buoy
    Seavu buoy
  • Carry Case
    Hard shell carry case for Explorer and accessories.

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