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FLIP12 Pro Package with DIVE & DEEP Filters & +15 MacroMate Mini Lens for GoPro HERO 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12

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Ocean Guardian - Freedom7

The Shark Shield FREEDOM7 (NEW C-version with LED battery indicator) personal shark deterrent system is a universal model used for almost all water activities including scuba diving, snorkelling, swimming, surfing, spearfishing and kayaking.
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Freedom7 - Ocean Guardian - Shark Shield™


underwater.com.au is a registered store for Western Australian residents who qualify for the $200 rebate offer - simply tick the WA resident button and you will get your Shark Shield at $200 off *T&C apply (see bottom of page)



The Shark Shield FREEDOM7 personal shark deterrent system is a universal model used for almost all water activities including Scuba diving. Alternative products are used for surfing and scientific Scuba divers working in shallow intertidal zones with considerable water movement. Some of the many activities that the FREEDOM7 can be used for include Diving (SCUBA and Hookah Line), Snorkeling, Free Diving, Spear Fishing, Ocean Swimming, Body Boarding, Kayaking, Jet Skiing, Boating, Aquaculture.

The FREEDOM7, powered by Shark Shield technology is the ultimate ocean guardian for a wide range of marine sports. Its lightweight design makes it comfortable to wear and the long-life battery provides you with confidence in the water for up to six hours at a time, with a LED battery life indicator (only in the new C version - THIS IS THE VERSION WE ARE SHIPPING NOW).

The Shark Shield FREEDOM7 is a compact, versatile and lightweight personal shark deterrent system, which allows you to explore and enjoy the oceans without fear. The unit incorporates a 2.2m flexible mesh antenna, which has been designed to cause minimum water resistance and drag on the user. The antenna is required to be fully submerged in saltwater to function and once this happens the electrodes within the antenna emit a protective electric field. Water activities where the user will be submerged requires the user to simply fix the device to their ankle region with the supplied velcro pouch. Other sports involving craft, such as kayaking, jet-skiing, boating will require the device to be secured to the craft or a buoy in such a way that the antenna will be fully submerged.

The main body of the unit, comprising the electronics module and a 6-7 hour rechargeable battery pack, is enclosed in a protective velcro pouch, which is attached to the lower leg.

Shark Shield Leg Rope: The unit is fitted to the lower leg via a neoprene pouch. Attached to the pouch is an antenna housing the two electrodes, which trails unobtrusively behind the user. These two electrodes propagate the field into the water, therefore both electrodes must be fully immersed.

In tests conducted to date the Freedom 7 has deterred sharks at distances of up to 6M, but with an average distance of 3-5M from the unit.

Shark Shield's unique waveform elliptical field only affects free-swimming sharks and to minor degree rays and skates. The field generated by the Shark Shield is detected by the shark through its sensory receptors known as Ampullae of Lorenzini, situated on the snout of all predatory sharks. The unique and unfamiliar pulsing sensation emitted by the Shark Shield does not replicate that given off by a fish and does not attract sharks to an area. Shark Shield allows you to hunt, photograph or just swim with all other marine animals roaming freely in their ocean settings.

The Shark Shield™ Freedom 7 Unit comes complete with:

  • Lithium rechargeable battery, over 1000 charge cycles
  • Universal Charger (will suit any voltage or frequency)
  • Comfortable, lightweight with an easy to wear neoprene Velcro pouch
  • Product Instruction Booklet
  • Long-life battery lasts up to 6 hours with LED battery life indicator (C version).

Technical Data

  • Max. Operating Depth - 50 meters (164 feet)
  • Operating Temperature - Between 12 - 40°C (50 - 95 °F)
  • Lower temperatures will reduce the operating time of the battery pack
  • Storage Temperature - Min 0 °C (32 °F) Max 60 °C (140 °F)
  • In Water Weight - 69 grams (2.4oz)
  • Dry Weight - 950 grams (2.09lb)
  • Unit Operating Time - 6-7 hrs when battery fully charged
  • LED battery life indicator
  • Battery Pack Life - 300 charge and discharge cycles
  • Dimensions Without Electrodes - 140 L x 80 W x 35 H (mm)
  • Warranty Period - 12 months

WARNING: We encourage people to wear Shark Shield when working in or enjoying the sea to minimize the risk of shark attack but sharks can be dangerous and often unpredictable creatures. While extensive testing has been done and great care is taken to develop and manufacture the Shark Shield range of products, it is impossible to guarantee that all sharks will be deterred under all circumstances. Water-based activities in the presence of sharks are inherently dangerous and are not recommended therefore we recommend that if a shark is sighted that the user leaves the water.

A large pulsing current is emitted from the Shark Shield antenna to produce the protective electric field. When unintentionally coming near or in contact with the antenna it is possible that muscle spasms can occur to various degrees and therefore the user may need to make adjustments to limit contact (for more information refer to FAQ's "will I get an electric shock"). In addition, anyone with a pacemaker, are pregnant, or has a health condition that could be affected by the electric field should not use the device. Such health conditions include heart disease, a history of heart problems, peripheral vascular disease, stroke, a history of fainting or epilepsy, or lung disease.

* T&C for WA buyers to receive the $200 rebate you must meet the official terms and conditions and following your order on underwater.com.au, email us with your proof of residence and statement that you have not used this rebate before. Simply reply to your order confirmation email with the following: 

Proof of Western Australian residence must be included with the application and may include a current:

  • Western Australian drivers licence or learners permit.
  • Western Australian recreational fishing licence.
  • Medicare card in combination with a utility bill e.g. telephone, gas, electricity, water (not more than 3 months old).

Persons under the age of 18 may also use:

  • Student ID card.
  • A combination of their parent/guardian drivers licence and Medicare card (which includes reference to their name).