Inon Snoot Set for Z-330 / D-200

Inon Snoot Set for Z-330 / D-200

Professional Lens Maintenance Kit - blower NOT included

Lens and Housing Cleaning Kit with Box

Silica Gel packs - resealable - bulk

Silica Gel - 20 x 1g or 10 x 2g packs are sealed in a resealable bag
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Silica Gel for Underwater Housings - resealable packs

  • 1g x 20 in resealable bag
  • 2g x 10 in resealable bag

These 1g or 2g packs are sealed in a resealable  bag so they do not pick up any moisture while they are not in use. 10 / 20 packs per packet.

Use them often and replace them every few dives. A must-have for any underwater photographer, videographer - and great to keep your electronics dry when not in use.

In The Box

  • 10 or 20 x Silica Gel depending on pack (20 x 1g or 10 x 2g)

choose from the menu above 1g or 2g