AquaTech EDGE Base Camera Water Housings - Fujifilm mirrorless

AquaTech EDGE Base Camera Water Housings - Fujifilm mirrorless

T-Housing H10 POWER for GoPro HERO9&10

T-HOUSING Aluminium Deepdive H10 POWER for GoPro Hero9 10 11 and HERO12

T-Housing Aluminium Deepdive Housing for GoPro Hero8

The T-Housing for the GoPro Hero 8 Black is constructed from high-quality aluminium alloy and allows for fog-free shooting up to a depth of 250M.
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T-HOUSING Aluminium for GoPro Hero8 Black

The T-Housing for the GoPro Hero8 Black is designed for underwater video and photography adventures up to a depth of 250m. It is considered one of the best underwater housing options for the GoPro Hero 8 as all housing parts are individually milled from a single aluminum block using the latest CNC machines.

The solid aluminium housing optimally dissipates the heat generated by the camera. As a result, fogging of the windows is practically impossible.

The T-Housing is designed to use your GoPro Hero 8 (Black Edition) with the front lens installed. This makes the camera twice as safe from any water damage.

In addition to the double camera thread on the case bottom, the T-Housing also offers an eyelet for a safety line, as well as two threads for attaching the optional filter and macro system.

The optional magnetic immersion filter set consists of 4 different filter disks made of precision acrylic glass, which can be placed safely and quickly using the magnets embedded in the front glass.

There are 3 red tones for different diving depths in blue waters and a disc in magenta for green waters.


  • Each housing pressure tested to 250m
  • High-end aluminium underwater housing (CNC machined from one single aluminium block)
  • Optimal heat dissipation (100% fog free)
  • Use of the GoPro including front lens, so double protection
  • Optional filter and macro lens system with folding function
  • Compatible with the GoPro Hero 8 (Black Edition)
  • Size: 107 x 75 x 48mm.
  • Weight: 394g (without camera)
  • Max Depth: 250M