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Under Antarctic ice - The Photographs of Norbert Wu

Under Antarctic ice - The Photographs of Norbert WuUnder Antarctic ice - The Photographs of Norbert Wu
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Under Antarctic ice - The Photographs of Norbert Wu

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By Norbert Wu - published in 2004

The allure of Antarctica, a place still mysterious, untamed, and unspoiled, has beckoned tourists in increasing numbers as more and more people vie for a glimpse of its terrible beauty and stunning vistas. But there is one aspect of Antarctica they never see, perhaps the most interesting of all--the world beneath the ice. This book, a collection of the finest photographs ever taken underwater in deep Antarctica, illuminates a world brimming with strange and beautiful life forms. For the first time anywhere, Under Antarctic Ice brings together the stories, the science, and the natural beauty of one of earth's most vibrant and enchanting realms.

Internationally renowned photographer Norbert Wu was given unprecedented access to the icy waters off Antarctica by the U.S. National Science Foundation to obtain these dynamic photographs. In the extreme conditions that prevail in these seas, invertebrates can grow to enormous sizes: sponges are as big as bears, jellyfish tentacles extend thirty feet, and giant sea spiders crawl through beds of soft coral.

Wu has also focused his lens on the birds and mammals living at the edge of water and ice. We are humbled before mammoth icebergs, witness a killer whale stalking prey from a narrow crack in the ice, and see what penguins look like swimming underwater.

Jim Mastro's introductory text elegantly condenses forty years of scientific research into a clear and concise natural history of this unique place.

High quality hardcover - 275mm x 260mm – 176 pages - University of California Press