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A-z of Sharks and Rays

A-z of Sharks and RaysA-z of Sharks and Rays
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A-z of Sharks and Rays

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Detailed Description:

A-z of Sharks and Rays

From the Great White to the Wobbegong, We Cover All the Basics

by Nigel Marsh

Sharks are the kings of the ocean, sometimes feared, occassionally loved, and always a subject of intrigue for children and adults alike.

A-Z of Sharks and Rays, the latest addition to the popular Young Reed series, addresses the topic of the sharks and rays of the deep blue in a way that is both educational and entertaining for children.

Targeting the 7-13 age group audience, this book is filled with beautifully photographed images of sharks in the wild, accompanied by informative text that will teach readers about different species of sharks and rays from around the world.

While some shark species are potentially dangerous, A-Z of Sharks and Rays explains that the great majority of shark species are completely harmless to humans, and that the average size of most sharks is less than one metre long.

The A-Z of Sharks and Rays doesn't ignore the sad fact that many shark species have far more to fear from humans with many species facing extinction from overfishing.

From their geographical history, physical characteristics and lifespan to what they eat, how they catch their prey and other aspects of their biology and behavior.
A Z Sharks and Rays is a thorough text that will allow children to completely immerse themselves into the incredible world of these greatly maligned and misunderstood creatures.

Full of interesting and educational facts written in a style that will appeal to children. A Z Sharks and Rays is an essential book for students.

ISBN: 9781921580307
Format: Hardback
Page Extent: 48 pages
Book Size: 288 x 216 x 10 mm (Height x Width x Depth)

About the author: Nigel Marsh is an Australian underwater photographer and photo journalist who's work has been published in numerous magazines, newspapers and books, both in Australia and overseas.Nigel has dived extensively around Australia, especially the Great Barrier Reef and Coral Sea and also throughout Asia, Pacific Ocean, Indian Ocean and Caribbean. His underwater photographs have won a number of international photographic competitions.

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