Grey and white versions available

AOI UH-EM1III Underwater Housing for Olympus OM-D E-M1 II & III

Grey and white versions available

AOI UH-OM-1 Underwater Housing for Olympus and OM System OM1

AOI UH-EM5III and UH-OM5 Underwater Housing for Olympus OM-D E-M5 III and OM System OM-5

The AOI UH-EM5III / AOI-UH-OM5 housing is compatible with OM System OM-5 & Olympus OM-D E-M5 III Cameras
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AOI OM System OM-5 & Olympus OM-D E-M5 III Underwater Housing UH-EM5III / AOI-UH-OM5

Compatible with OM System OM-5 & Olympus OM-D E-M5 III Cameras

A Port is required to make this housing waterproof. Compatible with AOI/Olympus OM-D Mount Ports & Extensions.

This high-quality underwater housing is lightweight and ergonomic with all the camera controls accessible and at your fingertips. It is made of polycarbonate with a depth rating of 60 meters (200 ft).

To trigger external strobes this housing can be used with either the Olympus FL-LM3 Flash or the AOI LED flash trigger STR-05 (optional) and a dedicated underwater strobe from AOI, Sea&Sea, Ikelite, Inon etc. (available separately). The STR-05 LED flash trigger will allow you to trigger an external strobe using a fibre optic cable.

Best of all this housing has a built-in vacuum monitoring & wet detection system to safeguard your investment. It also comes with a spare M16 bulkhead.

Housing Overview

Why compromise when you can have it all? The AOI UH-OM5 Olympus OM5 Housing for Olympus / OM System OM-5 Camera enables you to get more out of your underwater photo system than ever before and for a great price!

It’s rugged and durable yet lightweight and compact. With extra vacuum protection and a leak detector, it’s practical, yet ergonomic and stylish. This housing is as easy to handle as a point-and-shoot camera and yet packed with extra features to enable pro-level photography.

Want even more? Just add one of many additional accessories offered by AOI to enhance your UH-OM-5 housing and meet your photography needs.

Camera and Lens not included.

Housing Features

  • Durable, shock-resistant design
  • Depth rated to 60 meters (200 ft)
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Extra protection with a Vacuum Analyzation and Wet Detection System (VWS) and secure lock
  • Advanced ergonomics allow use even with gloves, an extended shutter release lever is included to make the trigger easier to use when using a base tray with a handle.
  • Clearly marked controls allow full access to essential camera functions.
  • Full accessory package available: Compatible with most common underwater housing accessories using these connection points: 1/4” tripod thread, cold shoe mount, LCD monitor hood rails, lanyard loops, 67mm lens port thread, QRS slots and fibre optic cable ports.
  • A Port is required to make this housing waterproof (not included)
  • An optical flash trigger (AOI-STR-05) is available as an optional extra which saves camera battery life.
  • The housing platform gives you the option to grow as your skills do: Explore advanced possibilities with dedicated camera lenses and AOI’s OM-D Mount type lens ports using the UH-OM-5 housing interchangeable lens port design.

Please see the full AOI OM-D Mount Housings Port Chart - we supply all AOI port and accessories. If not listed in the underwater shop, please ask us for a competitive quote and availability.


DESCRIPTION Underwater Housing for OM System OM-5 Camera
Translucent Grey
MAIN MATERIAL Housing Body: Polycarbonate
LENS PORT SYSTEM AOI / Olympus OM-D Ports System
WATER LEAKAGE PROTECTION Built-in Vacuum Analyzation and Wet Detection System (VWS)
BATTERY POWER Built-in Rechargeable Lithium Polymer Battery (3.7V)
BATTERY CHARGING By USB Charger DC5V, 0.5A (not included)
Approx. 1.5 hours for a full charge
DIMENSIONS 206.20mm (W) x 181.70mm (H) x 113.55mm (D)
WEIGHT On Land: Approx. 1340g
(Only included LCD Monitor Hood and Lanyard)
STANDARD ACCESSORIES Body Cap / Storage Box for OM-D Mount Housing (AOI BC-01)
USB Type-C Charging Cable (AOI USBC-02)
LCD Monitor Hood (AOI LCDH-01)
Spare O-Ring for Vacuum Valve Protection Cap x 1pc. (AOI SRVV-01)
Vacuum Pump (AOI VP-02); Extended Shutter Release Lever (AOI ESL-02-TGRY)
Spare Main Seal O-Ring x 1pc. (AOI SOR-02)
Spare Secondary Seal Ring x 1pc. (AOI SSR-02)
Silicone Grease (AOI SIGR-5); Silica Gel (AOI SIGE-3) x 1pc.
Lanyard (AOI LYD-01); Fibre Optic Cable Port Plug x 2pcs. (AOI OCP-PS-05)
O-Ring Remover (AOI ORR-02)