QYSEA Fifish V6 series - EPP Case

QYSEA Fifish V6 series - EPP Case

QYSEA Fifish Robotic Arm for Fifish V-EVO

QYSEA Fifish Robotic Arm for Fifish V-EVO

CHASING M2 S ROV - 200m Package

The Chasing M2 S 200m tether version is an underwater ROV / Drone designed for professional users and industrial applications. It allows for omni-movement in all directions, and has a powerful mount extension system, including an optional robot arm, to meet the needs of multi-professional scenarios.
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CHASING M2 S ROV 200m Package with winder

At Underwater Australasia we are heavily into Underwater Drones - ROVs including service, training and hire - please check our in depth website Underwater Robotic Australia and make sure to give us a call for your ROV needs. 

New release in 2023

Designed for inspection and photography of vessel hulls and subsurface infrastructure, the Chasing M2 S Industrial Underwater ROV from CHASING combines sophisticated content creation and navigation capabilities. Connected by a 200m tether and using eight vectored thrusters to withstand waves and currents, the M2 S captures 4K UHD video and 12MP photos, saving them to storage or streaming them live in real time.

The drone is compatible with optional gear such as a robot claw, a GoPro camera, external lights, etc. Anti-stuck motor technology helps assure the M2 S doesn't bog down in sand. Maximum working depth is 100m. Two 2000-lumen LEDs with three brightness levels provide ample light as you navigate the depths. Power for the drone is supplied by a 97.68Wh battery that recharges in 2.5 hours, while the remote control module employs a 2500mAh battery that recharges in two hours.

8 Vectored-Thrusters and Butterfly Wing Outline
CHASING M2 S remains the symmetrical vector layout of the eight thrusters and the streamlined design of the butterfly wing outline at front and rear to protect the propellers. It supports 360-degree omnidirectional movement that has high posture response speed and great stability.

Apex Anti-stuck C-Motor 3.0
The third-generation Apex Anti-stuck C-Motor 3.0 used in the CHASING M2 S adopts a unique anti-stuck solution and magnet protection technology, which ensures power supply but also greatly reduces electrochemical corrosion and aggregation rust caused by motor wear. The anti-stuck performance is stronger, making it more reliable to use.

Multiple Accessories
Mountable for CHASING self-developed accessories such as grabber arm, distance lock sonar, laser scaler, floodlights, etc., as well as third-party accessories such as GoPro.

Swappable Battery
CHASING M2 S has a default 97.68Wh battery that can power up to 4 hours operation. The battery compartment is ready to use, 200Wh backup battery is also optinal to meet the needs of long-time operation.

A Wide Working Range
CHASING M2 S can dive to a maximum depth of 100 meters, an operating radius of 200 meters. 400 meters extendable distance.

Portable and Convenient
CHASING M2 S is portable and has a compact body. Single-person operation and quick deployment brings an effective operating experience under a variety of scenarios.

4K EIS Image Stabilization Camera and 4000lm LED Lights
CHASING M2 S has 4K EIS image stabilization camera and two 2000lm LED lights, which can clearly capture every detail underwater.

Underwater photography, video, content creation
Search and rescue
Hull and dock inspection
Aquaculture inspection

Captures 4K UHD video and takes 12MP photos
Streams live video at 60 Mb/s
Electronic image stabilization
Wide 150° field of view
f/2.8 aperture
1/2.3" CMOS sensor
ISO sensitivity 100-6400
Time-lapse and slow motion modes

Maximum depth: 100m
Tether: 200m with spool
Eight vectored thrusters for omni-directional movement, multi-angle shooting and accurate hover
Precise depth and temperature measurement
Anti-stuck motors
Maximum runtime: Four hours
97.68Wh battery

Remote Controller
Gaming-style dual joystick console
Live broadcast and social media sharing
HDMI output for downloading images/video to computer
Quick editing features
64GB SD card, user-upgradeable to 512GB
Runtime: six hours, depending on conditions

Two 2000-lumen LED lights
Three brightness levels
Color temperature: 5000-5500k
Color rendering index: 85