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Sea-Doo Seascooters

Need that extra kick underwater - or just for FUN. Check out these underwater propulsion devices. SeaDoo Seascooter - also called Aqua scooters or Waterscooters - are a cool addition to your gadget collection whether it is for kids in the pool, snorkelling in the ocean or for serious diving.

Underwater Australasia is the exlusive distributor for Sea-Doo Sea scooters in Australia and New Zealand. You can rely on us for excellent advice and service.

More info, dowloadable manuals and brochures on our extensive SeaDoo Seascooter Australia website.

Be aware of various cheap fake copies of substandard quality before you decide to buy anywhere else. Warranty can only be offered for Sea-Doo Seascooters purchased in Australia through us or one of our licenced dealers.

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  1. Seadoo Seascooter RS1

    Seadoo Seascooter RS1



    Visionary design for an innovative adventure. The Seadoo Seascooter RS1 guarantees the most thrilling and energy efficient underwater ride ever! Learn More
  2. Seadoo Seascooter Silicone Grease

    Seadoo Seascooter Silicone Grease



    Silicone grease for all SEA-DOO® Seascooter o-ring seal lubrication Learn More
  3. Seadoo Seascooter RS2

    Seadoo Seascooter RS2



    Revolutionary underwater navigation. The next generation RS DPVs are all about fulfilling curiosity. Start exploring the underwater world without restrictions with the NEW Seascooter RS2. Learn More
  4. Seadoo Seascooter RS3

    Seadoo Seascooter RS3



    Boundless energy and underwater adventures! Move into the big blue in ways never seen before. Jump right into the next chapter of underwater travel. Learn More
  5. Seadoo Seascooter Explorer X

    Seadoo Seascooter Explorer X



    Experience Triple Speeds AND Performance with the newly updated innovative Professional SEA-DOO® SEASCOOTER EXPLORER X. Learn More
  6. Seadoo Seascooter VS Supercharged Plus

    Seadoo Seascooter VS Supercharged Plus



    The Sea-Doo Seacooter VS Supercharged PLUS has been replaced with the new Yamaha Seascooter PDS300. Learn More
  7. Seadoo Seascooter GTS

    Seadoo Seascooter GTS



    A new performer in a tiny package - the single speed SEA-DOO® SEA SCOOTER GTS delivers thrust for a speed of up to 2.8 mph / 4.5 km/h, down to 100ft/30m depth. Learn More
  8. Seadoo Seascooter GTI

    Seadoo Seascooter GTI



    A big performer in a tiny package - the SEA-DOO® SEASCOOTER GTI delivers thrust for a speed of up to 2.5mph/4km/h, down to 100ft./30m depth. Learn More
  9. Seadoo Seascooter Aqua Ranger

    Seadoo Seascooter Aqua Ranger



    The new entry level seascooter now with GoPro mount. Tweaked speed and performance for pool and ocean and rated to 10m (30ft) Learn More
  10. Seadoo Seascooter Dolphin

    Seadoo Seascooter Dolphin



    Entry level seascooter now with GoPro mount. The water scooter for fun in the pool, lake or sea, at a very attractive price. Rated to 3m (10ft). Learn More

Items 1 to 10 of 21 total

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