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World Atlas of Marine Fauna

World Atlas of Marine Fauna

Seahorses and their Relatives

Not just a picture book but the most comprehensive encyclopedia of the world's seahorses and their relatives.
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By Rudi Kuiter - 2007

If you have even the slightest interest in Seahorses you cannot fail to be absolutely enthralled by this book, the most comprehensive publication of the world's Seahorses and their relatives ever produced.

Detailed information on over 370 different species of the world, including new and recently found species

After an Introduction where the Seahorse is described in general, a detailed Classification appears, together with a more detailed description of seahorse identification. A chapter on Seahorses as a threatened species preceeds a detailed section on their distribution and origin. The Seahorse in the private aquarium consumes several pages as does the more professional aquaculture of both tropical and sub-tropical species an extensive contribution by Tom Bowling of the National Marine Science Centre at Coffs Harbour). There is a distribution chart for Australia with a mono pages of twenty-six ?shapes and sizes' for identification - and then we have the body of the book, with four to fourteen or so colour photos of each specie, including of course various stages of development from egg to juvenile to adult.

More than 1200 spectacular photographs, most of which taken in their natural habitats

All the known living seahorses illustrated together for the first time about 80 species

A single full index of common and scientific names of genera and species.

Hardcover laminated boards - 333 pages - 210 x 280 mm - full colour