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Learning to dive.

Having press ganged my adoring fiance into completing a scuba course, in the off chance that we would honeymoon at a diving location, I then had to put up with tears and fears as she battled her way through the fear of sharks, embellism, sea snakes, jelly fish, piranha, ruptured air lines, poor quality air, seasickness, Portuguese man o war - and this was week 1!

Learning to dive

By God's grace and my insistence she finished the course - although unbelievable, she blew a hose on the first pool dive - THIS NEVER HAPPENS!!!!!! Boy did I have hell to pay.

Having got her certificate and her man, miraculously we found ourselves in Vanuatu on our honeymoon. Armed with a borrowed Nikonos IVA and flash we ventured into the gin clear waters of Vanuatu: The Dive Log reads as follows:

Day 1

Learning to dive

Day 2
Day 3
Day 4

Learning to dive

After this we dived most of the 10 days in Vanuatu - only on Efate though, didn't get to Espiritu Santo as available funds were spent by buddy on Duty Free.

The best post script is on return to Australia the photos were developed and pointed, apart form their poor quality and blueness, there was a distinct lack of photos of me. On investigation buddy had thought that the black rewind lever was the shutter button not the larger RED button - consequently no shots were taken!

Stand by for more fun recollections of our buddy diving adventures - yes, they are much the same... and yes, we don't buddy any more at all...she says I'm not a good buddy.

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