Shark Ballads

Earlier this year we asked our members to come up with a poem on why sharks should be saved around the globe. The best entry wins not only a 'Sharkwater' DVD but also the new Sharkwater coffee table book, signed by the master Rob Stewart himself.

Have a read below on what some of the contestants came up with and enjoy!

The wining poem 'Heartless Killer' was written by Tiffany de Klerk..... As she wrote in the e-mail she sent us: "Thank you so much for this opportunity. Sharks are my absolute passion!"

Heartless Killer
By Tiffany de Klerk

Heartless Killer

Sadistically lures their victim
Jerked form your home
Torn limb from limb

Tossed back like rubbish
You struggle for a breath
Unable to move, choking
Helplessly sinking to your final death

The serial killer...
Not the shark...but man!

Looking up at the falsely accused shadow
The light unveils the intense beauty
As the beams dance on the back
Of the ultimate predator, she looks at me.

With piercing eyes and mouth slightly open
Her giant fins steer her in my direction.
So close, so calm accepted in her strange dimension
Overwhelming feeling, I'm in the presence of perfection!

I stare into her dark blue eyes
I read her thoughts and she reads mine
Then in a flash, with a flick of her tail she's gone with my heart
My experience, almost divine.

With the world on their shoulders
The most important link in the chain
Unsustainably murdered
Soon the most extraordinary, awe inspiring creatures will not remain.

Devastating actions, nothing is left
But a past full of warnings unread
and the serial killers who never actually cared
Now, here lies the bare ocean
Here lies it dead!

The chain is now broken.
No more beauty, no longer divine.
I can't read her thoughts
And she can no longer read mine!

By Simone Gerritsen

A flash, a splash
A slick, grey shape
A shark wearing a mourning drape

What must disappear
Is the fear
A disposition
Through television
Only see at least
The beauty in the beast

A million years they do exist
And soon they will be gravely missed
Hunted down for status or out of greed
They're killed for what we don't really need

A flash, a splash
And they are gone
To late to cry about what is prone

By SG Yon

Immediately we hark,
to the lifeguard's call to attention.
The apex predator gets us to 'action stations'.
Let's wipe them out by any means and by any reason.

From our waters we'd ban -
they're the true apex predators out there!
They'll shoot, harpoon, net, catch and then fin us bare.
Will they never understand --- that this is God's world to share?

Sharks should be saved around the world.
By Kerri Barnes

My first memory of a shark was when I was nine, my brother said to me,
Hey do you wanna go and see Jaws in 3D,

For the next few years all my summers at the shore,
Would be the fear of dorsal fins, giant teeth, blood and gore,

Until my Dad bought for me a wonderful ocean book,
Which described this wonderful creature and changed my outlook,

I learn't how amazing these beautiful sharks were and even saddened me to find,
That many of these species who live up to 30 years and some much more were living on borrowed time,
Their habitats in danger even to this day,

Pollution, developments, greed and victims of cruel fisherman – just defenseless pray,
I was upset when I learn't that some of them get their fins cut off and thrown live back in the sea,
Just for fin soup as a part of some-ones tea,

They are a critical part of the marine eco system and beautiful to see,
It is up to this generation to boycott, protest and inform, so that sharks can be safe and free.

A Shark In My Pool
By Debbie Francia

See a shark fin appear and then hold your breath
No need to fear, he is not thinking of your death
Watch him in awe, this amazingly stealthy beast
Mind now remember he's not planning your feast

Watch him slide so silently below the water's surface
You can be sure that he is there for a good purpose
Slowly he slides past you and gives you the eye
Dark and cold looks you can't read it if you try

He only has one thing pulsing in little grey brain
Just how he can keep on top of the food chain
If you dare and enter his dark blue inky pool
Respect his size and speed don't be a fool

It would be a shame for this creature to go
When he puts on such a magnificent show
Visit his world from below or from above
Keep him around the one you hate to love

He has a purpose to dispose and to clean
Maybe you think he is cold, hard and mean
He really doesn't care about you or even me
Best to leave him alone and let him swim free

By Brian Heagney

Perfect predators so swift,
with senses so keen,
a million years in the making,
with species unseen,
their family now threatened,
by man and machine.

Should the perfect be lost,
then what hope for the rest,
saving sharks in the ocean,
is humanity's solemn test,
when a dried up fin is still considered the best,

If the last carcass sinks,
such a despicable fate,
for that which in places,
was once worshipped as God.
and man will walk in shame at the majesty gone
with excuses, excuses, too little too late.

By Colin Read

Respect the deep respect the dark, Respect the sea respect the shark, Respect you elders and leaders to, Respect yourself as others do,

Every time into the deep you go. Everywhere will salt water flow. Every depth from the shallow to the deep Every day and night though you might sleep.

So much has been said about the shark. So feared is he and the warnings stark. So many media spread the fear, So many people stop and hear.

People who have not never seen. People who have the bad dream. People who in ignorance and spite. People who think they have the right.

Engage with me a simple view Enquire with me my point of view. Endure the presence of the shark. Enjoy the beauty but heed the hark.

Can you go out where the seals are thick, Can you swim with the penguins and the chick. Can you go where the shark waits to prey, Could you jeopardise your life that way.

Today the shark needs our respect, To preserve this fish we should elect. Together we watch and learn and stay, Though make sure you're far enough away.

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