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As Queensland's capital, Brisbane has its very own savvy downtown precinct, which serves as a destination in its own right or as the perfect hub for exploring spectacular Moreton Bay, beaches, or many regional hinterland attractions located inside a leisu

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Multipurpose Waterproof Arm Pack - Pro-SportsMultipurpose Waterproof Arm Pack - Pro-Sports
Comfortable 100% waterproof Arm Pack suitable for all sports and activities - especially those on the water.
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Life in the Graveyards of the PacificLife in the Graveyards of the Pacific
Our master divers have spent years diving in the Blue Pacific investigating some of the many famous and mysterious shipwrecks.
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Leopard Sharks Up Close and PersonalLeopard Sharks Up Close and Personal
The leopard shark (Stegostoma fasciatum) belongs to the Order of carpet sharks (Orectolobiformes) and is easily recognisable.
Encounter with a Whaleshark at North StradbrokeEncounter with a Whaleshark at North Stradbroke
Something huge was out there and from the side it looks first like a tiger shark. I mean, it was too big for a zebra shark....
Never forget your camera.Never forget your camera.
This is my 8th year as a diver. My patch of underwater heaven is in Beautiful Moreton Bay and surrounding waters, including Curtin Artifical Reef, Flinders reef (Moreton Bay Marine Park), Hutchinson Shoal, Henderson's Reef, Megs Reef (Gotham City) and other amazing sites, too many to name.
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