Unwelcome guests

Unwelcome guests

Unwelcome guests

Parastic isopods attached to the face of a Batfish. Taken at Wakatobi, SE Sulawesi, Indonesia with a Canon 40D & Canon EF 100 macro.
Photocomp October '08 - Open


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Pelagian Dive Yacht Pelagian Dive Yacht
Feel like you're on a private yacht charter with just ten guests. Pelagian cruises the outer reaches of the exquisite Wakatobi region.


Lembeh : In search of the Holy GrailLembeh : In search of the Holy Grail
It is a strange feeling to get back to a place such as Lembeh. Six months ago, it took me by surprise. My camera overheated at every dive. I was overwhelmed by all these new critters .
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