Leaf Wrasse

Leaf Wrasse

Leaf Wrasse

This photo picture of a juvenile Leaf Wrasse (Xyrichtys dea) was taken at the Nursery, Julian Rocks, Byron Bay last month. I have been diving since November 2003 and taking underwater pictures since March 2004.


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Planula Divers Retreat Planula Divers Retreat
PLANULA is a beautiful divers retreat in Byron Bay, set within over 50 acres of bushland just outside of Byron Bay. We offer great diving packages.


Hooked on Julian Rocks, Byron BayHooked on Julian Rocks, Byron Bay
20th July 2003 .... that is the first time I drove down from the Gold Coast to Byron Bay and arrived at Sundive, jumped on one of their boats and set out to dive Julian Rocks - and I have been addicted ever since
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