Ceratosoma brevicaudatum 2

<em>Ceratosoma brevicaudatum</em> 2

Ceratosoma brevicaudatum 2

This photo was taken at Blairgowrie Marina in Port Phillip Bay, Australia on 28 December 2005. This was the third time I have used my camera underwater. I have an Olympus C-765 with a PT-022 underwater housing. As a complete newcomer to photography, both above and below the surface, I am very happy with these shots.
Photocomp January '06 - Novice


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Dad is it possible to dive in brown corduroys?Dad is it possible to dive in brown corduroys?
... Well this was to be an exciting one Son Fletcher had recently attained his PADI Advanced Open Water and Enriched Air Specialty qualifications, so this was to be a deep(ish) dive on Nitrox. Conditions were surgy but not too unpleasant on the dive boat ...
Underwater Card 2