Floating Frowns

Floating Frowns

Floating Frowns

I love these Blubber-lipped Bream (Plectorhinchus gibbosus). They seem to frown at your intrusion and only reluctantly share their space. Glowing lips hanging, disembodied in the darkness. Getting them together in a cluster like this with them all facing me took quite a few dives though. Julian Rocks, Byron Bay, Australia. Olympus C5050, Inon uwl 100 lens, Ikelite ds50 strobe.
Photocomp June '06 - Open


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Diving Wolf Rocks and Julian RocksDiving Wolf Rocks and Julian Rocks
Jude and I left Townsville on three weeks holidays heading South of Brisbane to Murwillumbah in northern NSW, whilst down there I managed to do 3 dives.
Underwater Card 2