Striped Anglerfish

Striped Anglerfish

Striped Anglerfish

Unique the Yellow Anglerfish. Isolated Reef, Bare Island, Sydney, Australia. Sealife DC1000 with twin strobes. Over the past 12months with cable laying, dredging and works, the Island has under gone some major changes,silt build up and marine creatures vacating there homes and relocating elsewhere.Do people really consider the environmental impact studies, or then again marine creatures don't raise revenue,increase taxes over populate immigration and improve services to cater for this. Sadly the marine environment is the big loser here. When it turns to a desolate uninhabited desert its all to late.
Photocomp April '10 - Open


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Seaslugs - Part II. Sidegill slugs and Sap-sucking slugsSeaslugs - Part II. Sidegill slugs and Sap-sucking slugs
In this article I will introduce you to the next two in hierarchical sequence. Seaslugs are indeed fascinating creatures and are a favorite for many photographers. They do not move about very quickly at all, which is a characteristic that makes them easy subjects to shoot. Often it is not the case of 'the one that got away', but the case of 'Oh no! I have run out of film again!'.
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