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We have close to 20 years experience in using and selling Ikelite products - please call or email us with any questions.

Ikelite has manufactured underwater flashlights, compasses and photographic equipment since 1962, introducing many innovative new products to the diving industry like the first O-ring sealed underwater light to incorporate a sealed beam bulb, and the first diving compass with a rotating bezel and direct reading degrees.

Ikelite manufactures a diverse line of underwater photographic equipment that ranges from housings for simple point-and-shoot cameras to exotic housings for slr and video cameras. Ikelite is famous for the design and manufacture of sophisticated electronic flash units, strobe mounting systems, and a wide range of unique accessories for underwater photography.

As cameras and housings change so quickly it is impossible to keep all current models up-to-date on this site. Please vist the main Ikelite Website and decide on the product you are interested in, then email us at Planula for a quote.

Sales to Australia only. Strobe packages and popular housing models in stock. Other housings may take a week to arrive in Australia, so plan ahead for your next big trip.


The day training became real.... The day training became real....
2006 saw a different holiday as our usual foursome had now become a twosome (plus youngest son Fletcher), nevertheless Andrew ("The Bitch") and I weren't going to let that stop us having our annual week away diving.
Night dive at the Rock Night dive at the Rock
The sunset over the bay was a real treat to watch through the boat as we waited for water to lift her. We would soon be on our way past the perfectly peeling lines of swell and out to the rocks.
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