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underwater australasia is an official dealer of SEABOB Luxury Seatoys by CAYAGO for Australia. Addictive fun on and underwater. Dive in and discover. Made in Germany.

CAYAGO AG is a boutique company based in Stuttgart, Germany. In our manufacturing plant here, we build the world's fastest water sled: the SEABOB. A premium quality product, the water sled also delivers top-notch performance.

Our customers are looking for the most advanced technical innovation and premium quality. It's with those priorities in mind that we have developed our company philosophy: "High performance technology" through innovation and quality down to the last detail. Our top-of-the-range brand claim "LUXURY SEATOYS also reflects this approach.


Water sports at a new level. Relaxed gliding, sporty driving or diving safely under water. It's all possible with a SEABOB. Yes, thats right, it's now actually possible to move through the water like a fish. Either on the surface or at depth.

And when it's in its element, this fun-sport machine is also completely environmentally friendly. All this means that the SEABOB is the realization of a human dream. Patented worldwide and "Made in Germany".

Check out the different SEABOB models in the Sea Scooter Shop on this site or go to the main SEABOB website by clicking on the link on the left.

Test drive the brand new Seabob F5S in Byron Bay. Ask us how!


Using my Tokina 10�17mm Fisheye lens Using my Tokina 10�17mm Fisheye lens
I had only just booked a trip to Vanuatu to dive the President Coolidge ... and I thought �That�s it! I need that lens for the Vanuatu trip� ......
'Seascooter Simon' - a side-by-side review of the Seadoo Explorer and VS Supercharged 'Seascooter Simon' - a side-by-side review of the Seadoo Explorer and VS Supercharged
Right off the bat I want to make it clear that, to the best of my knowledge, I've never used an underwater scooter before.
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