Albany is the heart of the Great Southern region and was the first town to be settled in Western Australia by Europeans. It is characterised today by its historic war-time monuments and heritage buildings, and is renowned for its spectacular scenery and fresh seafood.

Originally a whaling port, Albany's whaling station was one of the last to be closed and now operates as a museum. Take a guided tour through what is now known as Whaleworld, enjoy a meal at the superb Kookas and Cello's restaurants, walk through the vast national parks and lay among the wildflowers that carpet the area during the latter part of the year.

Get your bearings and enjoy the breathtaking views from the vantage points of Mount Clarence, Mt Melville or the Princess Royal Fortress. Visit the internationally successful Mount Romance cosmetics factory, take a whale or fishing cruise, browse through the numerous arts and crafts shops or just enjoy the scenery on a leisurely bush walk through one of the national parks.

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Underwater Recommendations

Amazing underwater seascapes are to be found in King George Sound and all around Albany's offshore islands and reefs. The wreck of the 42 metre long Cheynes III sits guard near the entrance of King George Sound in 25 metres of water, providing a home to a huge variety of marine life. This former whaler is intact and makes an awe-inspiring sight. Breaksea Island, Michaelmas Island and Two Peoples Bay are among the area's other well-known sites.

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