Cape Tribulation

Cape Tribulation National Park - Photo and text courtesy of Tourism QLD

Cape Tribulation is an area north of Daintree, which is the end of the bitumen. After crossing the Daintree Ferry you travel through lowland and tropical rainforest passing road junctions for Cape Kimberley and Cow Bay. There are some excellent coastal views and several tourist attractions. The road runs over several high capes and alongside attractive beaches. Camping spots and accommodation are available. A small general store is located at Cow Bay. Limited fuel access is available.

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River Crossing - Photo courtesy of Tourism QLD
Horse riding on beach - Photo courtesy of Tourism QLD
Beach - Photo courtesy of Tourism QLD

Getting There

The Daintree Ferry provides access into the Cape Tribulation area. This is accessible by conventional vehicles except during periods of heavy rain. Coach tours and a bus service also visit this area. Some hire car companies insist on four wheel drive vehicles.
Nearest Airport: Port Douglas

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