Annan River Gorge - Photo and text courtesy of Tourism QLD

Cooktown - the gateway to the wilderness - was founded in 1873 as the port for the Palmer River Goldfields. This was more than a century after Captain James Cook spent 48 days in 1770 on the banks of the Endeavour River repairing his ship. Every June the town celebrates Cooktown's status as Australia's first, if brief, European settlement at a Discovery Festival which includes a colourful re-enactment of Cook's landing.

A highlight of a visit to Cooktown is an extended tour of the James Cook Museum - built in 1888 as a convent school run by Irish nuns. The Museum documents Cook's voyages, Aboriginal and natural history, the gold rush days and their Chinese legacy. Walking tracks in the area allow for visitors to explore areas of beach, bush and mountains. Closer to town is Grassy Hill where one can share the same view as Captain Cook.

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Aerial of Cooktown - Photo courtesy of Tourism QLD
Cooktown lighthouse - Photo courtesy of Tourism QLD
Cook Re-enactment - Photo courtesy of Tourism QLD

Getting There

Nearest Highway: Peninsular Development Rd -334km Inland Road/Bloomfield Track - 248km Coastal Road
Nearest Airport: Cairns.

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