Fitzroy Island

Sailing boats

Fitzroy Island is around 330 hectares in size and is located 25 km South-east off Cairns. A large part of the island is covered with natural rainforest and it boasts a high number of bird species and native flora. Most of the island has been declared a National Park. Is has been recognised that Fitzroy Island is of great spiritual significance for the Gunghandji People, who have used the island thousands of years for fishing and hunting

Different styles of accommodation are available suiting all levels of comfort and budgets. Plenty of activities such as bushwalking, fishing and snorkelling are available.

Text and photos courtesy of Tourism Queensland

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Sunset at Fitzroy Island
Sailing at Fitzroy Island
Beach and rainforest at Fitzroy Island

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The Great Barrier Reef is only 45 minutes away. Reef that fringes the island can be explored from the beaches.

Getting There

Ferries leave from Cairns at regular intervals. A few day boats will take people to and around the island.

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