Hobart and surrounds

Cascade Brewery - Photo and text courtesy of Tour of Tasmania <a href= www.tourtasmania.com " width="183" height="150" hspace="0" vspace="10" border="1" />

Tasmania's south-east is the most densely populated region of the state, yet still has many bushland areas and natural wonders for the enjoyment of visitors and locals. Hobart, the state capital and largest city in Tasmania, is in the south-east, and is the centre of commerce and industry.

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Huon Pine in rainforest - Photo courtesy of Tour of Tasmania
Dawn in Hobart - Photo courtesy of Tour of Tasmania

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Waterfall Bay Caves on Tasman PeninsulaWaterfall Bay Caves on Tasman Peninsula
The Tasman Peninsula by nature of its topography is mainly only dived by boat. The cliff height on the east coast averages 250 metres for all but Pirates and Fortesque Bays from Tasman Island at the south tip of the Tasman Peninsula to almost Dunalley at the top of the Forestier Peninsula ...
Narcosis is very real!Narcosis is very real!
This event took place a number of years ago while diving with a few mates on a charter in Tassie. We had planned to dive the famous kelp forests in EagleHawk Bay, Tasmania and a wall dive recommended by the skipper/guide.
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