Inland South Australia

Point Bonney, Flinders Ranges - Photo courtesy of Tourism SA

This vast region extends from the southern Flinders Ranges near Melrose to Innamincka in the State's far north nearly 1100 kilometres from Adelaide.

The Outback borders the Northern Territory, Queensland, Western Australia and New South Wales. It covers 80 percent of the State's area but has less than one percent of its population, Anna Creek cattle station alone is larger than Great Britain.

It is a land of extreme contrasts from arid cattle grazing lands in the north to the magnificent wetlands of the Coongie Lake system. The region contains seven significant National and Conservation Reserves and visitors should allow several days to explore the Flinders Ranges and at least a week to go "Outback''.

Experiencing the Outback of South Australia requires a high degree of planning to ensure a journey of safe discovery.

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Blue Tongue Lizard - Photo courtesy of Tourism SA
Rawnsley Bluff - Flinders Ranges - Photo courtesy of Tourism SA
Moralana Scenic Drive - Flinders Ranges - Photo courtesy of Tourism SA

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For the assistance of safe diving practices amidst strong currents, which may occur during dives.


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