Inland Victoria

Rock Climbing at Mt Arapiles - Photo courtesy of Tourism VIC

This region icludes Victorias Goldfields, the Grampians, Murray Outback as well as the so called Wine & High country. Explore!

The discovery of gold in Victoria's central region over 150 years ago has left a rich and lasting legacy. Imposing traces of Victorian architecture and cultural traditions derived from a melting pot of peoples are just a few of the benefits to flow from the rush for gold.

The Grampians:
The natural beauty of the Grampians is highlighted by the mountain ranges of the Grampians National Park, which features over 160 kilometres of walking trails, waterfalls, scenic lookouts, wildlife and seasonal wildflowers.

Murray Outback:
Victoria's inland playground, Goulburn Murray Waters borders New South Wales in Victoria's northeast. Flanked by the Goulburn, Murray and Broken rivers and home to the lakes of Nagambie, Kerang and Mulwala, the region offers many water-based activities - while away an afternoon relaxing on the deck of a houseboat, match skills with trout and Murray cod, swim, sail, or waterski.

Wine & High country:
Mountains, streams, vineyards and inspired stories of high drama and folklore combine to make Legends, Wine and High Country in northeast Victoria so special.

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Mt William - Photo courtesy of Tourism VIC
Conservatory - Ballarat Botanic Gardens - Photo courtesy of Tourism VIC
Old Miner with Gold - Photographer: Holger Leue - Photo courtesy of Tourism VIC

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