Kosrae Dancers

Close your eyes and imagine a secluded white sandy beach without a single footprint to mar its pristine beauty. Imagine gliding silently in a dugout canoe through ancient mangrove forest canals, or visiting Neolithic archeological ruins that defy both time and meaning.

How about trying to find the lost treasure of the infamous American pirate Bully Hayes buried in the harbor more than a century ago? If there is any destination that comes close to this vision, it is Kosrae, one of the four island states of the Federated States of Micronesia. This 42-square-mile island is located just a few hours southeast of Guam and few hours southwest of Hawaii.

Throughout their rich and colorful history, Kosraeans are considered one of the most peaceful and gracious people on Earth. Traditionally, a lot of materials are lost but lots are still practiced today. Traditional singing and chanting, weaving, woodcarving, canoe building, house building, farming, and fishing are still in practiced today.

Images courtesy of Federated States of Micronesia Visitors Board

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Man with Bananas on Kosrae
Reef Life from Kosrae
Enjoying a Waterfall on Kosrae

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Kosrae is known for its virgin reef and pristine waters, visibility up to 200+ ft. and thriving hard coral society. There are more than 172 species of hard corals and 10 species of soft carols. There are over 250 species of fish and marine lives.

Spinner dolphins are apt residences of the coast and whales sometimes can be spotted. The three natural harbors are homes to 2 slained whaleships, Henrietta in 1843 and Waverly in 1893, with two WWII ship wrecks the Sansun Maru and Keikyu Maru and several planes (2 in good condition).

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