Lady Musgrave Island

Aerial of Lady Musgrave - Photo and text courtesy of Tourism QLD

There is no other Great Barrier Reef location like Lady Musgrave Island and Lagoon! This tropical island paradise is without doubt the most unique coral cay and lagoon on the entire Great Barrier Reef.

The island covers an area of fourteen hectares and rests on the edge of a sparkling coral lagoon measuring eight kilometres in circumference. Home to over 1,200 varieties of brilliantly coloured marine fish and 200 species of both hard and soft corals, it is easy to see why Lady Musgrave is often referred to as the 'Jewel in the Crown' of the Great Barrier Reef. From the deeper blue waters of the Coral Sea, the reef edge rises and forms Lady Musgrave Lagoon with its subtle shades of turquoise and azure. The sheltered, crystal clear waters offer spectacular scuba diving, snorkelling and coral viewing.

Both National and Marine Park, the island's casuarina and pisonia forest is home to thousands of migratory seabirds and the glistening white coral sand beaches of the island, a nesting area for endangered sea turtles. Whether above or below the waterline, Lady Musgrave offers everyone a unique and inspiring day on Australia's Great Barrier Reef. Experience the natural attraction of Lady Musgrave for yourself.

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Snorkelling on the reef - Photo courtesy of Tourism QLD Underwater snorkelling - Photo courtesy of Tourism QLD
Pontoon at Lady Musgrave - Photo courtesy of Tourism QLD
Underwater on the reef - Photo courtesy of Tourism QLD

Underwater Recommendations

Dayboats offer trips to Lady Musgrave. The boats moore at the pontoon. From there all diving and snorkelling takes place. Lady Musgrave has the largest navigable lagoon on the Great Barrier Reef at 1200ha. Camp in this superb coral cay, the water is home to mantra rays, moray eels and other marine life.

Getting There

Nearest airport: Town of Seventeen Seventy
Boats to the island from Town of Seventeen Seventy, Bundaberg

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