Lizard Island

Look out from Island - Photo and text courtesy of Tourism QLD

Located right on the Great Barrier Reef, Lizard Island has over 1,000 hectares of National Park, unspoilt beaches and an abundance of marine life. Remote and ruggedly beautiful, Lizard is surrounded by the finest beaches and waters of any Great Barrier Reef Island.

Activities on Lizard Island range from the ultimate in relaxation to adventure. Snorkelling or diving to explore the wonders of the Great Barrier Reef. Taking out a motorised dinghy to find a private beach and enjoying a picnic is another.

For the more energetic there are catamarans, paddle skis and glass bottom boat trips as well as a number of walking trails to explore. There are many magnificent walks, and on at least one you can expect to glimpse a Monitor, the lizard after which the island was named.

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Aerial of Lizard Island - Photo courtesy of Tourism QLD
Gould's Lace Monitor Lizard - Photo courtesy of Tourism QLD
View of Island - Photo courtesy of Tourism QLD

Underwater Recommendations

Lizard Island is renowned for its diving including the world famous 'Cod Hole'. Surrounded by fringing coral reefs, inner shelf, outer barrier or ribbon reefs and lagoon reefs, Lizard Island offers a number of outstanding coral gardens and many spectacular underwater attractions including more than 400 kinds of coral, over 1500 species of fish as well and giant clams over 120 years old.

Getting There

Live-aboards stop over at the island.
Charter planes service the island on a regular basis.
Nearest airport: International Airport Cairns

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