Watersports on Brampton Island - Photo and text courtesy of Tourism QLD

The City of Mackay is an exciting vibrant city with all the charm of an unspoilt seaside town. Located at the junction of the Coral Sea and the Pioneer River, one of the East Coast's few blue water rivers, meanders through the town, bringing a wonderful atmosphere with it and creating a spectacular backdrop at sunset.

Experience Mackay's beautiful beaches all within an easy drive of the city centre, friendly locals, cosy restaurants and cosmopolitan shopping centres.

Enjoy a holiday in the natural heartland of Queensland, learning about the area's fascinating past. There are so many things to do without even leaving the city heart.

The City's Heritage Walk transports you back to the days of Australia's first settlers by highlighting some of Mackay's magnificent turn-of-the-century architecture. A must for any visitor, the 90-minute walk includes many buildings that are listed with the National Trust including the recently restored Mackay Town Hall, which is part of the Queensland Heritage Trails Network.

Mackay is the largest sugar cane producing area in Australia. The region is also home to six sugar mills, one of Australia's four sugar refineries, and the largest bulk sugar terminal in the world. Visitors are encouraged to take in a tour of a sugar mill during the cane-crushing season (July to November).

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Kangaroos on the beach - Photo courtesy of Tourism QLD
Street scene - Photo courtesy of Tourism QLD
Hang-gliding at Pioneer Valley - Photo courtesy of Tourism QLD

Underwater Recommendations

Islands in a turquoise sea surrounded by pristine coral cay and beautiful fish are accessible by boat from Mackay's Reef Marina. Visitors can snorkel or dive the calm waters and hidden bays off Keswick, Scawfell or Brampton Island. Fly to the Gem of the Great Barrier Reef where you will have the opportunity to enjoy and unrivalled Reef Adventure at Bushy Reef Lagoon.

Getting There

Located approximately halfway between Brisbane and Cairns.
Nearest Airport: Mackay

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