Mid North Coast

Coastal Views - Photo courtesy of Tourism NSW

Mid North Coast NSW offers a unique taste of New South Wales. Whether you head to one of the popular coastal meccas, such as Port Macquarie or Coffs Harbour or explore one of the region's stunning national parks - you are bound to find a perfect holiday escape. For sheer beauty it is difficult to surpass the golden beaches which dot the coastline. Shoal Bay, Forster, Old Bar, Harrington, Laurieton, Crescent Head, South West Rocks and Nambucca Heads are some of the best known, but there are many more remote coves and inlets scattered along the coast. On the coast, adrenalin junkies have their pick of sports such as scuba diving, sky-diving and rock-climbing - whilst inland the rainforests, lakes and national parks offer more peaceful pursuits such as bushwalking, fishing and camping.

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Waterfall in Dorrigo national park - Photo courtesy of Tourism NSW
Dorrigo rainforest boardwalk - Photo courtesy of Tourism NSW
Pelica at sunset - Photo courtesy of Tourism NSW


The region boasts the nation's most ideal climate, averaging 25 degrees Celsius in summer and 17 degrees Celsius in winter.

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Grey Nurses are not always shy...Grey Nurses are not always shy...
Grey Nurse Sharks are very close to my heart. Indeed they are the stars of one of my all-time best dives.
Snorkelling with WobbegongsSnorkelling with Wobbegongs
My husband, Ross, was snorkelling at sunset and low tide around the rocks at Shark Bay, Iluka, NSW.
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