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Contributed by Jo added 2005-06-11

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Tyrone Valentine added 2006-05-16

Interesting article Jo , Me thinks one day someone will get bit,someone who does not have food for these creatures and who might be so intuned to getting fed might just take a bite out of some unsuspecting spearfisherman say...?

Jo added 2006-08-17

Interesting response Tyrone and thanks for your comment. One has to weigh up the dangers of feeding sharks, and while I am not an advocate for doing it for recreational purposes, the intent behind my story is to feed tune heads with transmitters inside in order to determine the sharks movements to hopefully one day be able to pin point it's nursing habitat and preserve the area to allow the sharks a greater chance at survival. Sometimes you have to do what's not right for a few, in order to benefit the greater good.

MarcelW added 2006-09-26

Hey jo! Wow, awesome pics! went through my address book and thought I would check out what you're up to down under! And it hit me straight. Really, I'm still diving in these freakin' mud lakes here in switzerland! Have to get to some warm, nice vis dive spots soon!

would be great to catch up oneday!

Marcel The Swiss guy from Trav Oasis... about 4 years ago. hope you still remember! ([email protected])

Jo added 2006-10-12

of course I remember you, you dill. I have sent you a direct email, but please contact me at [email protected] if you dont receive it... x x x

iwona krekora added 2013-02-14

Hi Jo,

I have done the shark dive in pacific harbour, we had 50 m vis about 30 bull sharks and massive tiger shark through whole two dives (there was the problem with the "toilet" between dives cause tiger shark was hanging around under the boat and there is no toilet on the boat, but we survived. It was amazing :-))) Doing it again in July (hope the tiger shark comes again)

Replies of 5

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