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Contributed by LeahS added 2011-12-08

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TomM added 2012-03-07

Leah S,

The sole you photographed is a member of the genus Soleichthys. Members of this genus have an elongate, conspicuous nostril that you have captured so well in your photograph. Species identifications from photographs of members of this genus are difficult, and are especially difficult from the angle you photographed. One of the commonly photographed species in the genus is Soleichthys heterorhinos, which occurs in Indonesian waters, and possibly that is the species you have photographed.

I am conducting a study on the systematics of the genus and have been trying to unravel problems with species identifications, so have a little experience with this group of soles. As part of my studies on this genus and other flatfishes, I have been accumulating photographs that I use when giving talks to different groups. May I have permission to include this photo in my collection of Soleichthys photos? Also, if you have other photos of Soleichthys I would be interested in taking a look at those as well, but have to tell you that juveniles, which seem to get photographed more than adults, have different pigmentation patterns than that of adults and so far I have not had much success in matching juveniles with adults.

I work as a systematic zoologist for the National Marine Fisheries Service in the Museum of Natural History at the Smithsonian Institution. If you want to contact me regarding my studies on Soleichthys or other flatfishes, please feel free to write to me at

Hope this information helps. Yours in fishes, Tom Munroe

Mark added 2012-03-07

Hi Leah,

Good to see that Tom commented on your photo. He's certainly the expert.

Did 'your fish' look like this one ?

Cheers, Mark Australian Museum Fish Collection Manager.

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