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We deal with the whole range of Ikelite Strobes, whether you are looking for an affordable strobe for your compact housing like the DS51 or the very popular Ikelite Substrobe DS160 or DS161 which includes a video light option for new dSLR cameras that can shoot full HD video.

Current underwater strobe models for sale include:

DS Substrobe Packages - Complete packages including Substrobe, arm and sync cord or sensor. Purchase everything you need in one convenient package.

We also offer the full range of Ikelite strobe accessories, from the new Fiber Optic Adapter over Sync Cords, Sensors and Nikon iTTL Adapters for DS Substrobes and Ikelite or non-Ikelite housings.

Please select your preferred strobe option on the Ikelite website and then contact us with your questions or for a competitive quote.

Please use our contact form to enquire about availability and price of the current Ikelite housing for your camera - or ask us for a package price.

Expect turnaround times of about one week

Please contact us about availability.

All prices are in Australian Dollars ($AU). You can do a currency conversion here

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