H2OV Underwater Housing for ContourGPS


H2OV Underwater Housing for ContourGPS

Extreme Depth Housing for ContourGPS Camera (GMSH20VF)

The H2OV housing was designed for technical and recreational SCUBA. Pressure Tested to 400 ft. - 120 m.

The depth that a housing will survive is dependent upon its size, material, thickness, and safety factor. The H2OV was designed with a very conservative safety margin, and has been pressure tested to 400 ft. A properly designed housing can provide years of use, and will not flood unless it has been damaged or the seals have not been properly maintained.

All housings are tested before shipping to insure there are no defects in design or workmanship. After that, it is the responsibility of the user to avoid damaging the housing and maintain the o-rings and their sealing surfaces.

Please check out all Contour accessories, such as other underwater housings, mounts, spare batteries and more in the Contour department of the underwater shop.

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