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Coral Fish - Linda Pitkin

Coral reefs throughout the tropics support an amazing diversity of fish from eye-catching butterflyfish, which hover around the corals, to secretive gobies, and venomous scorpionfish laying camouflaged on the sea bed. The appeal of coral fish lies not only in the exquisite beauty that some are renowned for, but in their fascinating lifestyles and behaviour. Whether brightly coloured or plain, their natural history never ceases to enthrall.

With over 100 of her award-winning photographs, Linda Pitkin explores the varied lifestyles of these fish the means by which they find food and shelter on the reef, and their complex interactions. She describes the partnerships of anemonefish and sea anemones, grazing activities of parrotfish and surgeonfish, and the lifestyles of many other fish that live on coral reefs, huge predatory groupers and even sharks among them.

Paperback, colour illustrations and photographs, 112 pages, 210 x 235mm - published 2001 - ISBN: 0565091522

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