Black, White and Nudi

Black, White and Nudi

Black, White and Nudi

This profile shot of a Glossodoris atromarginata was taken at Bare Island, Sydney, Australia. The location of the nudibranch made it easy to get a front on shot, rather than the usual top down angle. By adjusting the image to be in black and white the detail is brought out in the subject. Shot was taken with a Panasonic Lumix DMC FT1 camera with housing.
Photocomp December '11 - Novice


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Night Dive SurpriseNight Dive Surprise
I am an instructor with an unnamed association, a divemaster with another and an adv/EANx, decompression procedures with another. Who cares? Exactly. Just shingles to hang on the study wall. Looks impressive though. I would like to share a night dive with you.
Underwater Card 2