Blue-ringed Octopus with Eggs

Blue-ringed Octopus with Eggs

Blue-ringed Octopus with Eggs

This shot of a Blue-ringed Octopus with eggs was taken at The Pipeline, Port Stephens, Australia in 8 metres of water. Nikon D70 in a Subal Housing with twin Inon Strobes. It was spotted by dive buddy Patrick Adele who had never seen a Blue Ring underwater and was on a mission to find one. He did very well not only finding his first but one with eggs! All five of us photographed it so the Blue Rings were well and truly flashing back at us flashing her. None of us realised she was carrying eggs until we looked at the pictures on the computers afterwards. The babies are clearly visible in the eggs in this shot. You can imagine our surprise and joy when we realised what we were seeing.
Photocomp October '09 - Open


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