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Underwater is the official retailer for Fantasea housings, LED lights, strobes and other photographic accessories.

Most of their products are in stock in the underwater shop and you can always call or email us with questions.

Fantasea has made extremely popular polycarbonate housings for many SONY, Canon and Nikon compact cameras and has recently ventured into the mirrorless space with the release of the new Sony A6500 / A6300 housing and various ports to accommodate different lenses.

Check out the Fantasea homepage and contact us with any enquiries or orders directly.


Night dive at the Rock Night dive at the Rock
The sunset over the bay was a real treat to watch through the boat as we waited for water to lift her. We would soon be on our way past the perfectly peeling lines of swell and out to the rocks.
SCUBA School SCUBA School
'OK, the first science block this year is Marine Science and we're going to be SCUBA diving as part of it.' This statement was well received by the 22 Year 10 students that sat in front of me
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